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Grand Teton National Park - Sept. 2016

It was that time again. Time to return to Grand Teton National Park. It has been two years, nearly to the day, since I was there with the Orange Chair Tour and my friends Shaun Peterson (Check out is work HERE.) and Sarah Johnson (her work is HERE). Read all about the trip HERE.

Grand Tetons Sept. 2016 (purchase at

So my wife and I spent a couple days getting up hours before dawn to find that perfect place in the dark. and staying up till after the sun was well behind Mount Moran and sky was growing dark. We would then head back to our wonderful room at the Parkway and catch a few hours of Z's before getting up and doing it all over again.

Grand Tetons Sept. 2016 (purchase at

To get the great shots you have to be at the right place when the light is just right. The life of a photographer is means being there before it's convenient and staying till after you have grown tired of the view. For that is when the light will be just right.

My wife was a trooper. After driving all night to make the first sunrise in the park she was up and out the door with me each day, and by the end of the voyage she was enthusiastically looking for wildlife and helping scout locations for the next day.

Although we were only there for three days, and the fourth day was a cloudy morning which just kills the great colors of the Teton morning, we managed to get some amazing captures. Not to mention enjoying the great park.

Grand Tetons Sept. 2016 (purchase at

But the most dramatic photo was taken that first morning, after driving through the night to be at Oxbow Bend before sunrise. The beautiful pastel morning became a little extra special when a moose briefly appeared near the river. 

Grand Tetons Sept. 2016 (purchase at

Later that day and the next morning I decided to break out the time-lapse slider and make a video of the exquisite morning light. I started with the alpenglow on he Tetons from the shores of Lake Jackson. But after it turned out so good it was time to get some more. The short video turned out to be a fun experience and I loved being in the park to create it.

The wonderful thing about shooting hundreds of photos for a time-lapse is the ability to pull the best individual frame in full resolution to edit and print for clients and my own walls.

The Elk scenese were shot as video from my 6D and I switched back and forth from video to photo to grab stills as well as the video you see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images and the video. Make sure and watch it full screen to get the full effect.

If you would like to purchase a print you can find them with all my other fine art prints HERE.