Why I don't use Apple!

I get asked all the time as a Photographer and digital artist why I don't use Apple. I've always had some sort of lame excuses, until I started using one for my day job. The Macbook Pro is a great machine, but it doesn't do anything more than my windows based laptop. It doesn't do it any faster. It is just does it with a bit of panache.

As a newspaper reporter, I type a lot on my office laptop, a Macbook pro. Typing on the Macbook has the same cumbersome drawbacks I've had on any laptop. While typing, my thumb gets too close to the trackpad, and boom, I'm adding letters to the middle of some word higher in the page. Sometimes complete sentences are injected into the wrong paragraph. 

So to solve this problem, I wanted an external keyboard. I have several cheap USB keyboards, still in their packages, that I have collected over the years, and even though they are for windows, they still work for typing text on the mac. The only drawback is that the Alt-key does not directly correspond to the Option-key in the software, which becomes a problem when editing. I have to bounce from the external keyboard to the laptop keyboard in order to cut and paste and rearrange things.

Same exact buttons, with  Crtl, Alt and windows key changed internally is worth nearly $20?

I thought, I would just buy a cheap USB keyboard for a mac. They shouldn't be too expensive, as you can get windows keyboards in the $8-$15 range. But here is what I found, over and over again (image)

Either the company making this keyboard just knows that mac owners will pay more, or Apple charges them considerably for the rights to make a compatible keyboard.

Either way, i think I will stick with my Windows based machines, as not only is their initial cost about one-third the price, but so is everything else.

Don't get me wrong, I do like my Macbook Pro, but only as long as someone else is paying for it.