One Mind Blowing Experience!

I recently was asked to shoot a life changing event. The fact that I was asked to shoot it was in fact an amazing honor, but I must admit that I was trepidatious to accept. But for all of you that know me, I say yes much easier than I say no. (Don't ask me to help you move.. I find it easy to say no to that.) But of course, as is my style, I said yes before I realized what I was getting into. And I am very glad I did.

So, what did I shoot? A birth. It was an amazing, mind-blowing, experience. As far as the photography aspect, it was super challenging.  For instance. When you are shooting a wedding, you don't want to disturb the ceremony, you have to stay out of the way of minister, and you don't get to stage anything or retake any shots. You have to have it right the first time, and be invisible, and not underfoot.

Ok, so take all those things, add 2 or 3 more ministers who are constantly moving around and picking up and moving shiny objects, and checking computer screens. Also you can't shoot from any open space in the room, because there are some angles during this that absolutely no one wants to see. And then do all this in a room smaller than my living room. Add in the insane lighting from the "spotlight" and dim room lights, and you have a real challenge.

The experience was beyond anything I have done with a camera ever. I am honored that I was asked to shoot this. I am also very pleased with the video that came from the shoot. Check it out here.

Remember, your memories fade, but Amanda will always have the photos and the video. This day will truly live on eternally, more than just a marker to start measuring Waylon's days.

POLL: Would you let some strange guy in the room, if you knew the outcome would be like this? (Answer in the comments). Bonus question: How much do you think this is worth to have these memories captured forever?