Photo walk - Solo Version!

A local group of photography enthusiasts had scheduled a photo walk this morning at an interesting place in Glenrock, Wy. It's a public park on the Platte River at the Dave Johnston Power Plant. It's a strange combination of industrial backdrop, large field, playground, all set on a river vista.

Unfortunately, the weather moved in and what was supposed to be a fun social photography experience, ended up with another solo photo adventure. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the snow adding nature's grain to the images. It was a great time to look at something mundane, and commonplace and try and see it differently.

It is a great exercise to take an everyday scene and try and tell a story with it. But with the snow and the added contrast of wet and snow to make the scene very moody.

So, the next time the weather gets bad, go shoot it anyway, not all photos can be sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes the wet, cold, foggy, and snowy can make for some dynamic images. And try and see things that you have seen many times in a new way. I learned a little more about this lesson today.