The 307 Photographer interviews AZOOKIE

Azookie, an up and coming hard rock and metal band from Glenrock, WY is coming on strong with a unique attitude and outlook on metal music. This great group is Logan Peasley and Kolby Kuhlman on vocals, Kade Lehner - Guitar, Nick Humbracht - Bass, and Scott Tombroek on drums. And if you are anywhere near them, you need to hear them play. You will be entertained by both their tight sound and great lighthearted take on Metal. I had the privilege of interviewing them recently after a great photo shoot. The video of the interview is here, with exclusive recording of them playing.

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(Abridged interview)

Who is Azookie?:

Logan: we're pretty much a small town band that started about two years ago. Originally we had just three members. At the time we had our old drummer Seth Brado and it was just me Nick and Seth. We just originated from Glenrock, except for Seth lived up in Casper, but we just sort of broke out and went through so many different singers and guitarists and eventually we just came up with a five piece band. And here we are.

How would you describe your sound?:

Nick: Energetic.
Logan: Goofy.
Nick: Alternative Metal, pretty much.
Scott: And with an underlying funk in part of it.
Logan: Yeah, we have a lot of slap bass, got a lot of whacko guitar, so. Pretty much a mix of everything.

So who inspired that sound?:

Nick: A lot of bands. Korn.
Logan: Korn.
Kade: A lot of everybody.
Nick: Deftones.
Logan: For my singing, probably Tool. A lot of other bands like Guano Apes and Primus for the bass. Oh, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. But all of us like different styles of music, like he (Scott) likes a lot of different bands than we do.
Scott: Yeah, I'm into Iron Maiden, being my number one, but I’m into a lot of death metal bands. God to Thrones, Flesh God Apocalypse, and stuff of that nature. I think I listen to a little bit more extreme sound than the rest of them. But we all unite on one thing and that's the important part.

What's your favorite song in your set list?:

Logan: For me it's 'Lost in My World'. That's by far my favorite song, but I'm sure these guys have a different opinion.
Nick: That one's cool. But I like 'Fantasy of a Friendship', 'Triangle Song'
Scott: 'Triangle Song'.
Kolby: And our new one, that we don't have a name for yet.
Logan: I haven't even hear this song yet.

How does having two vocalists set you guys apart?:

Logan: I quit the band a while ago, I just needed to stay away. While I was gone they already got Kolby on the crew, so when I came back we had to decide what we were going to do for the two lead vocalists. Then it was mentioned that I do all the screams and he does clean vocals but I didn't want to just scream so we both share really everything and harmonize. We choose who does what verse .
Kolby: And we sing together.
Logan: We share everything. He's my boy.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?:

Nick: Naked!
Logan: yeah Naked in money!
Scott: I'd say in 5 years, maybe 2 full albums.
Nick: I think as long as we stick together and just keep writing, it will just get better.
Kade: Yeah with some US tours thrown in there somewhere.
Logan: I see big things happening for the band.
Nick: I think we have a unique tight sound.
Scott: I think determination, in general, is what's going to carry us more than anything else.

I hear you have some interesting antics on stage. What can people expect at your live shows?:

Kade: I don't know if we should share that yet.
Scott: Yeah, cause it's kind of a surprise.
Nick: A lot of it is kind a zoo themed, I guess. Cause we are AZOOKIE, so.
Logan: I'll tell you one thing. Since everyone who went to our last show has seen it. I wear a... I don't even know what the hell it is. It used to be an ape mask. Now it's just a mane. I'm a Ginger wearing a big black mane.
Nick: We just want to keep the excitement random.
Scott: Unexpected.

when can people expect to hear an album?:

Kade: We're thinking ep by the end of 2015?
Scott: I'm saying the beginning of 2015. I want to be working on it this winter.
Logan: It's either going to be at the begging of 2015, or the end of 2014.


- Phillip Harnen and Azookie