Happy, Happy, Happy

So I know this is about six months old, and in internet time that is old age. But I just found out about it, which is strange really, as much time as I spend on the internet. But I just had to share this. And I'm not really sharing this here for you as much as for me. You see, if put it on this page I will always know where to go to find it. I will be able to just pull up my site, and go to this entry. For when I'm needing a pick me up, or I'm feeling a little down, I can come to this happy entry, and play the video. (It's ok if you want to book mark this entry also, you are welcome to come to my happy place on the web, and inject your day with happy!)

24 Hours of Happy

So, I couldn't have my "Happy Place" without adding some Bobby. And I didn't realize that Robbin Williams was in his video. Very funny, another injection of HAPPY!