Day 48 - Portraits in The Snow

So, as there was no work today, or school, and my daughter wanted some more Senior Portraits, but this time in the snow. Well, we were lucky, it snowed last night.!

So we loaded up and put her truck in 4wd and headed south of Glenrock into Boxelder Canyon area. It was cold. It was Windy, it was February in Wyoming. But damn if we didn't get a great shot.

I love how this one turned out, it was a lot of trudging through snow up to our knees and carrying lights, camera, extra lenses into the part of the aspen grove that had plenty of snow left.

I Added some outtakes from the shoot below to show that this was absolutely not shot in studio. Yeah, sometimes the best shots require getting out in the cold, or the wind, or in my case the Lightning Storm. 

And yes I edited out the Goosebumps. HAHA