I am Phillip Harnden, and I'm not one to write about myself. So my first instinct is to leave this page with nothing but a photo of me. But, that wouldn't really help you out now, would it?

I am an experienced Photographer, Graphic Designer, Padawan Videographer, and Marketer. I currently specialize in Portrait, Event, and the occasional Fine Art Landscape.I have become locally known for my lightning photographs, many of which have been featured on TV or in print. During the spring and early summer, you will probably see me speeding after thunderstorms throughout central Wyoming, chasing those flash-bulbs of the gods.

I am looking to do more commercial portraiture, but as the market in the 307 is quite small for such endeavors I continue to hone my craft when I'm not doing senior portraits, family photos, and events. 

I am also a teacher of photography. I do regular workshops in Casper and Glenrock, as well as one-on-one tutoring. 

With three teenagers at home and one daughter starting a family with 3 little ones of her own, I never lack for people to photograph, and always have access to assistants and models to experiment with new techniques.

I don't consider myself a photographer in the traditional sense, but more of a Custom Wall Decor Artist. Anyone can click the shutter button, but not everyone can make a timeless amazing image to put on your wall.

To see my professional Portrait and Event Photos head over to